Falcons ‘Friday Night Lights’ Round Up

On Friday night, the Falcons had their annual scrimmage where they took to a local high school to play some free football for their fans. Here are some quick notes and thoughts from around the web….

From Daniel Cox’s Live Blog:

8:31  p.m.- We just had one of the first real exciting moments of the practice. Ryan dropped back to pass during the blitz drill and his arch nemesis, cornerback Asante Samuel picked off his pass.

He has all your passes


While the Samuel INT wasn’t in the “scrimmage” just seeing that should excite any Falcons fan. Samuel has been one of the guys that has been the talk of camp. One of the reasons is because he is always talking on the field and has brought a swagger and attitude to the Falcons defense that was missing. Fans are excited to see Samuel play and excited to see what he can bring to the Falcons.

From D Orlando Ledbetter:

Sidbury had two sacks and along with the other defensive ends, was roaming the field in a hybrid linebacker position. At times the ends were on the line of scrimmage. Other times, they were up and back in a linebacker stance.

“We have a lot of different looks,” Sidbury said. “It’s simple for us, but we try to make it look complicated for the opposition. You never know what we are going to do. We have a lot of things that we can do. We can bring pressure from every where. You don’t know who is going to be covering. It’s fun. At the same time, it’s a very disciplined defense, too.”

Now that’s intriguing. Defensive Ends “roaming” the field and attacking from various angles. That’s something I can get behind. Bring on the Mike Nolan defense.

More from D Led:

Calvin, an undrafted rookie from California with 4.3 speed, made a nice over-the-shoulder catch from John Parker Wilson. He also caught a nice slant route from Dominique Davis.

We’ve talked about the fourth and fifth receiver spots and it’s nice to see a name pop up as someone to watch. We discussed this topic late in May and one of our commenters called him out as a name to watch.

The Falcons first pre-season game is next week! Thursday, August 9th in the Dome against the Ravens. Bring on some football!

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