Curtis Lofton Read Too Much of Rob Parker

So Long Curtis…Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

There was a time – just a few short weeks ago – when Falcons fans wanted Thomas Dimitroff to do whatever was necessary to try to keep Curtis Lofton on the team.  The young talented middle linebacker had proven to be a huge asset to the defense, and was very popular among fans…until….

Quick rewind.  Lofton was one of many potential Atlanta free agents this year.  He was a quick middle linebacker, great nose for the ball and a solid tackler (much like his predecessor Keith Brooking).  He wasn’t much in pass coverage, but in the scheme that the Falcons ran under Brian VanGorder, he was really looked upon more as a captain of the defense, and the guy who would make sure the coverages were set.

And, like defensive teammate John Abraham, he was one of the guys who would not be cheap to keep around.  The Falcons’ front office made the decision….

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