Falcons Links: Red Zone, Brees Contract, Cap Space

Before we get into the links let’s take a look at why the Predator is one of the most feared pass rushers in the NFL.



Koetter striving to find end zone 60% of the time

In the NFL…when you get in the red zone, offensively your goal is to get 60 percent touchdowns inside the red zone. If you do that, you’re going to be top 5 in the NFL in touchdown scoring percentage. You’re not going to be able to score every time, but once you get down there, you want to finish with touchdowns, not settle for field goals, not turn it over. Your approach, your philosophy, building up to that, the plays that you use to attack the defenses that are up that week — that’s what you’re looking for: to try to have touchdowns on Sunday.


What Drew Brees deal means to Matt Ryan

With the New Orleans Saints signing Drew Brees to a five-year, $100 million contract on Friday, the ancillary beneficiaries include Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and Dallas’ Tony Romo. Their contracts expire in 2013. Down the road a bit, Detroit’s Matthew Stafford and Carolina’s Cam Newton should also benefit.


NFC South Cap Space Update

The Atlanta Falcons are $2.8 million under the cap. The Falcons already have all their draft picks signed and have no pressing contract issues. They still have enough wiggle room that they could add a player or two before the start of camp, but I wouldn’t look for anything major.

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