Falcons Might be Headed to a Premium Channel Near You

The Falcons may be headed for a television channel too expensive for your average blogger, potentially showing up on HBO’s Hard Knocks.  If you have not seen the show, you should remedy that situation immediately.  Not only is it very well done, but it has given the world (NSFW) sweet gems like this:



More after the jump, where we may or may not get a “gosh darn” snack.


According to ESPN New York, the Falcons have been offered the starring spot in this years Hard Knocks.  Whether or not this is good news depends on your view.

Will we get an in-depth view of our team?  See loads of shenanigans?  Get to know our players in a way better than twitter and interviews?  Sure.  I would love to watch Atlanta on Hard Knocks.  We could follow the players and coaches through training camp and get to know more about Atlanta’s decision making process for the roster.  

However, Atlanta is assumed to have fewer characters than the last team on Hard Knocks, the New York Jets.  Maybe it is the lack of media attention we receive in Atlanta, but it could also be that Rex Ryan is a colorful coach who supports his players in being a lively group.  That has not helped them win very consistently but it makes for good television.  Before the Jets, we saw the Dallas Cowboys (during Terrell Owens and Adam “Pacman” Jones) provide for a few interesting episodes.

The Falcons have done a pretty good job of staying away from the diva-type players that would make for good television.  Sorry to say it, but if Jersey Shore is any indication, low-character individuals make for interesting telvision.  The Falcons may be a bit too bland for the show.

The big question may be whether or not Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith want the unnecessary distraction.  For some of the reasons I mentioned, they may not want other teams to have that understanding of their decision making process.  Training camp could turn into a circus for a team that frequently limits their media exposure.  If I was playing the team chronicled on Hard Knocks, I can guarantee I would be watching the show.  HBO could include plenty of plays and formations that could tip off opposing teams interested in how the Falcons will look with their new coordinators.

Falcons fans, I am split on this one.  I would love to watch Atlanta on Hard Knocks but I would be worried it may hurt us on the field.  I really want to be selfish and watch my favorite team on one of my favorite football shows (and at the same time not watch the Jaguars, who have expressed interest in being on Hard Knocks) but I do not see this improving our team on the field.