Falcons Re-Sign Harry Douglas



It took a little longer than I thought, but Harry Douglas is back in the fold with the Atlanta Falcons. Douglas flirted with the St Louis Rams but ended up signing a four year contract worth $10.5 million. Douglas will continue to be the Falcons third receiver. Last year, he had a career high 39 receptions for 498 yards despite having his playing time restricted in Mike Mularkey’s offense.

This year Dirk Koetter replaces Mularkey as offensive coordinator and this could pay dividends for Douglas. Koetter didn’t have the toys needed when he was OC for Jacksonville but should be able to get creative with the likes of Julio Jones, Roddy White, Douglas and Tony Gonzalez at his disposal.

How does Roddy White feel about this signing?

Atlanta started out very slowly in the first several hours of free agency but now that it has inked Douglas and back-up QB Chris Redman with a one-year deal it may get the ball rolling on some other deals. The Falcons look like they will miss out on the much hyped Mario Williams sweepstakes. Will a guy like Kendall Langford, who doesn’t really play the same position or bring the same things to the table, be something that the fans might like or would they rather concentrate on the offensive line and/or a pass rushing defensive end? The next few days should be interesting as the longer free agency looms, the more the prices will start coming down on some of the players.

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