Friday Blitz: Ten Thoughts on Atlanta

10 Things About The Atlanta Falcons

  1. We have a very, very, very good quarterback. In fact, It took me a while to get on the Matt Ryan train, but over the last couple of years I have watched him mature into a deadly field general. He will most likely win the MVP this season, and the media will begin to hop on the bandwagon.
  1. Our defense NEEDS Sean Weatherspoon. Last week proved to be the horror I saw coming. The Falcons needed their heart and soul out there. I would expect him to sit out again this week, but hopefully he is feeling healthy enough to give it a go.
  1. Our offensive line is not getting the amount of punch needed for any running game to develop. Konz, and Mcclure… I’m putting you on blast!
  1. Michael Turner is not the same running back. Is he getting help? No, but he isn’t pushing anyone around either. The decline is sad to watch.
  1. The secondary is making plays, but tackling is becoming a huge issue. The Saints got men in space, and Atlanta did not make the play.
  1. Tony G is still a gamer! Does he ever age? Not in this offense!
  1. Roddy White is back on track to his pro bowl form. Nobody can cover him and its impressive to watch.
  1. Julio Jones is banged up. He is battered and bruised, but he keeps coming back and making huge plays. He is questionable this week with an ankle injury, but hopefully he can go.
  1. Give the damn ball to Jacquizz Rodgers!
  1.  I predict this team to finish 13-3. #1 seed intact. The Falcons have a chance to be special this season, but will their run game hold them back?

My prediction for this weekend, Falcons roll over the Cards 31-13. See everyone in the dome!