Friday Blitz: Is John Abraham a Hall of Famer?

Depending on how much time you spend on the web, this week you may not have heard the rumors surrounding John Abraham and his status as a Hall of Famer.

Will The Predator get your vote?

This week I want to put the spotlight on the Predator. Abraham has put up over 112 sacks and 373 total tackles in his career. He is without a doubt the definition of a “sack artist”. His consistency and swagger has been a staple point since joining the Falcons. The one thing that Abe has suffered with the last couple of years is father time. He has played dinged up quite a bit but without him, Atlanta isn’t making the playoffs.

I find it odd that we cannot find a #2 DE to complement him. Every team that makes a run in the playoffs has a pash rush. The Giants have nothing other than a great pass rush. I believe new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan can turn things around on the defensive line but today is about #55. His numbers do stack up with other football greats, but do you believe Abe is worthy of Canton, Ohio?