From the Birds Nest: A Look at Cordarro Law

Southern Miss Linebacker Cordarro Law

Hey guys, welcome back to my weekly article From the Birds Nest, where we take a look at a potential draftee choice, look at his strengths and weaknesses then analyze where he would fit in the NFC South. This week we will be taking a look at Southern Miss DE/OLB Cordarro Law.

Law is a guy who has been under the radar for quite some time now to the general public. He finished up his senior campaign with the Golden Eagles by compiling 9.5 sacks and 64 tackles playing as a 4-3 DE. Law has a lot of upside but he needs some time to develop a bit more as well. When he played against UAB and Mid-round OT Matt McCants he got shutdown in the pass rush department but did well to pick up 8 tackles in run support. However Law bounced back and ended the year by wreaking havoc on Houston’s OLine and then once again by taking over in the 2nd half against Nevada in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. Law showed great instincts against Nevada’s spread attack, he sniffed out option plays with easy and was a force for the most part in the running game. However in the first half he had trouble early on getting pancaked early and struggling to get a rush going while feeling out the Nevada line. However Law picked it up later in the game and used a beautiful spin move to beat Nevada’s LT and make a big stop in the running game. He also used his speed to blow by a pulling tackle and get a sack his last sack in the game; his first came when he came around and up the middle and blew by the Guard to make a sack, he showed off a very nice rip move on that play.

Law as I mentioned has a good arsenal of moves most notably his spin and rip moves, he also has great instincts and play recognition as well. He’s an unknown quality in coverage as he played as a down lineman in college. Law however still needs to add on some strength as he has been out-muscled and needs to learn how to beat double teams. Their have also been questions about Law’s work ethic and if he took plays off during his time at USM. Law seemed to answer those questions when he impressed many during his pro day, at which he worked out in front of representatives of 22 teams, Including the Falcons who were on hand watching other USM prospects. (Later reported they have had workouts with QB Austin Davis and WR Ryan Balentine) Law is scheme diverse and can play both 3-4 OLB and 4-3 DE, something that is appealing to many teams.

As for the NFC South, Atlanta most likely has interest in him or at least have looked at him judging by their interest in other Southern Miss prospects and a need at DE. He also could fit very well into Mike Nolan’s multiple scheme which will involve 3-4 Sub Packages. Other fits in the NFC South could include New Orleans, who are basically looking for anyone or anything to improve their pass rush. Tampa Bay and Carolina are pretty set at DE. To me Cordarro Law has James Harrison peak potential. The kid can really play and I would love to see him suited up in the red and black next year.