Getting Familiar with Falcons Draft Pick Travian Robertson

Since the draft we’ve reached out to some friends to find out more about some of our draft picks. We’ve already taken a look at the Wisconsin duo of Peter Konz and Bradie Ewing. Now it’s time to head up the road just bit as we talk with the South Carolina based blog Leftover Hot Dog to find out a little bit about seventh round pick Travian Robertson.

From the SEC to the NFL


Grits Blitz: There was a lot of talent on the Gamecocks DL last year, we’ve heard that Robertson’s stat line didn’t show his full impact on the game. How good was Robertson last year for the Gamecocks?

Leftover Hot Dog: Travian Robertson was a rock for the USC defense in 2011. The Jadeveon Clowney’s and the Melvin Ingram’s may get a lot of praise but Travian Robertson deserves a lot of credit for being the plug in the middle of the defensive line. Due to him holding his ground, it limited the opposing rush attack and allowed for the USC pass rush to be effective. Robertson knows the defensive tackle spot and has the abilities to be highly effective.


Grits Blitz: What do you see as Robertson’s best and worst attributes?

Leftover Hot Dog: Robertson’s best attributes are his mental toughness, strength, footwork and hands in my view. All have helped him perform well against some of the best offensive linemen in the SEC. His weakness is his ability to be a dominant nose tackle type. He won’t be that guy but what he will be is a DL member that will make the ends better.


Grits Blitz: How do you project him in the NFL?

Leftover Hot Dog: I see Robertson making the team and learning in year one. But in the not-too-distant future he could be a starter is he continues to learn the position in terms of a NFL lineman. He has good size, quick feet and knows how to use his hands to shred a block. If you don’t hear his name early on, don’t fret as he is the kind that soaks in the learning before he lets his actions speak.

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