We are in the middle of the off-season lull and quite frankly there isn't a ton of exciting news out there on the interwebs. Training camp opens Thursday July 26th so until then there is not going to be a ton of action. That being said, there are still some interesting things being written I thought it would be interesting to take a look around the net and see what people are saying about the Falcons:

Matt-Ryan-Atlanta-Falcons_1562705Matty Ice eyes the start of the season


NFC South Top 25's

Pat Y over at ESPN's NFC South Blog is doing his top 25 for the division and he's currently on #19 and it's our own Roddy White. If you remember correctly, we voted White as the best player on our team earlier this off-season. It will be interesting to see which Falcons he places above Roddy in his list. He also has Michael Turner at #23 and we had him at #9 on our list of Falcons.

Not to be outdone, Knox Bardeen is doing a Top 25 for Bleacher Report and he's got our buddy Curtis Lofton as the 24th best player in the four team division. In case you are wondering he had Josh Freeman at #25.


Bill Barnwell talks about the Birds

Bill Barnwell had a couple of interesting thoughts on the Falcons that he posted recently over at Grantland. He questioned why Atlanta has gone from a Super Bowl contender in the eyes of the media in 2011 to an after-thought in 2012 despite having upgraded their WR position last year with the acquisition of Julio Jones and touched on a couple of areas where the Falcons took a step back.  He also touched on the NFL's top 100 players and questioned how Matt Ryan could go from 52nd on the list to not on it at all this year. (h/t The Falcoholic)


Daniel Cox throws some bouquets at Brent Grimes

It's hard not to like a guy like Brent Grimes. He's an under-sized guy who plays with a lot of heart and gives it his all. He's the stereotypical underdog that has made good. Over at AtlantaFalcons.com, Daniel Cox says that despite his down year he's still among the best corners in the league.


NFL.com hypes the Falcons offense

Even though Matt Ryan didn't make their "list", at least one of their writers thinks there are some reasons to buy into the "hype" surrounding the Falcons off-season offense. One of those reasons? No more Mularkey.


Falcons fans lost some wind out of the sails with the loss to the Giants in the playoffs and the way we lost but in talking to some Falcons fans I think confidence is pretty high right now and I'm eager to get into the season and see what we have.

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