The Atlanta Falcons get no love from the media, but on paper it is hard to bet against this team. Matt Ryan is one of the most winningest quarterbacks over the last four years. This off-season, he has dedicated himself to making the leap from a top ten quarterback to an "Elite" quarterback. What is Elite? Is it purely based on playoff wins? If so Tim Tebow is elite.... Peyton Manning is regarded as the best regular season quarterback of this generation, but his playoff woes are very apparent. That said, nobody questions his greatness because he did break through against Chicago a few years back. Matty Ice has the fans' support, this is the year to finally put the doubters to bed. A full offseason with his wideouts should prove to be a very good thing. Just ask anyone who attended camp this week, because Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Harry Douglas were catching everything!

This guy is calling the shots this year


The Falcons have new coordinators on offense and defense. They have an elite player in each level of the defense, Asante Samuel, John Abraham, and SeanWeatherspoon. Yes, Spoon is a elite linebacker, he proved that to me last season. I believe that Nolan is going to get the best out of Ray Edwards and Dunta Robinson. This can only help our defense which should be a top ten defense this sseason. The offense on paper is scary with names like Julio Jones, Roddy White, Michael Turner, Matt Ryan, and Tony GonzalezAnything less than a ten win season would be hard to swallow. This team is not old in the tooth; therefore, I expect them to play with more bite this year. They added weapons on defense should push this team over the top.

Okay, I listen to Sirius Radio everyday, and the NFL channel is a great listen, but yesterday I heard over two hours of disillusioned Panther fans. Panthers, you are not an elite team, your defense was a joke last season. Your QB may be the next big superstar, but he made many errors late in games that cost you games, including multiple errors against us. You still have no receivers other than Steve Smith, and on top of that nobody even knows who your defensive backs are. You are far removed from your two win season, but time to lay off the kool-aid or (Cammy Cam Juice) and time to accept reality. 6-10 is what I see, maybe 7-9 if Cam is able to close out games.

Well, that is my rant for the week. I hope everyone enjoyed the mini-camp, it looks like the offense is ahead of the defense right now. Overall, I like the direction this team is heading in. As always, send me your comments on twitter @ColossalChicken.

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