Thank God, It’s Grimesday

Here to Stay

Piling on Kevin’s earlier post about Brent Grimes being tagged, there has been a lot of discussions about who to use this tag on – and this is the person I feel it best suits.

Grimes is a rare talent. There are so many dominant receivers in this league right now – guys that cannot be completely neutralized for an entire game. The game has become about minimizing damage in the passing game. Brent Grimes is a master at this. Breaking up the long pass with his unearthly vertical…supporting the run game…making the unthinkable interception.

For decades, the Falcons have let many of their most talented players get away because they were “too expensive” or didn’t fill up the stat sheet. Today, I’m glad to see that the men in charge at Flowery Branch see the same value in Brent Grimes that I, and several others on this blog, do.