The Friday Blitz: A Historic Week In Review


  What a week for pro football! I don’t ever remember seeing so much drama packed into a single week. This week I will discuss John Abraham returning for a 3 year deal, Peyton Manning, Bountygate, and of course…Tebowmania.



   Supplying Atlanta with an elite pass rush was priority number one in free agency. Lets face it, Atlanta had no chance to bring in Super Mario. Abraham tested the market and Atlanta was able to secure his services for a few more seasons. My thoughts on Abe are simple, he is the one guy I trust to get constant pressure. I know many people are concerned with his health, but this is football. I rather have a dinged up Abraham than watch our new defensive coordinator play musical chairs with Biermann and Sidbury. I was ecstatic with the possibility of landing Mario Williams, but I don’t see John Abraham being far behind him in production if at all. I’m happy I don’t have to retire my #55 jersey and maybe this year Biermann and Sidbury will be able to be productive enough to limit him and Ray Edward’s play count.

The New Orleans Saints…oh did I enjoy this week. The city went into panic mode with the dramatic suspension of their coaching staff. NOLA went from arguably the jewel of the NFC to the black-eye of the NFL seemingly overnight. To the fans crying out that everyone does it, this is for you. There is not one NFL team that has their coaching staff pay their players upon injuring key opponents. This is what makes the Saints become the focal point of this whole situation. The coaches and players set out financial payments to put players on carts or end careers. Many teams have incentive programs, not hit lists. The league warned the Saints many times to stop the shenanigans and coach Payton’s poor judgment over his defense may have just cost him his job. How would you feel Saints fans if teams set out to hurt your QB? Yeah, not good eh? The Superbowl in my eye is in the same light as the Patriots Spygate situation. I believe that on their road to the Superbowl that their were absolutely game changing injuries that favored their outcome of the game. There were lots of hits from behind and after the plays, illegal hits might I add. You can have your Superbowl, because I rather have dignity than disgrace.

 I was not shocked to see #18 choose Denver. Peyton Manning is cerebral on and off the field. He knew what he wanted and the Mile High City was calling to him. Denver hasn’t had a quarterback since Elway, their front office hasn’t been too bright over the years in my opinion. I still will never understand trading Cutler and Marshall away. It set their franchise back a few years and now they are putting all their marbles into the legend with a fused neck. Peyton has a defense in Denver that should allow him some breathing room. If he can stay healthy he will compete for a AFC title within 2 years. The more interesting story is that of the little known quarterback that Manning forced out of town. Tebow.    

   Tim Tebow being traded to New York had me raising my eyebrows at the television. First, Linsanity now Tebowmania. The Jets just signed Sanchez to an extension, and lets face it the first mistake he makes the Tebowmania will take over like a plague. The Tebow fans are unrealistic and his glory in college was legendary. This isn’t college, the NFL requires the QB to throw efficiently, and I have not seen it from Tebow yet. That said, if anyone can do it Tim Tebow can. Mark Sanchez might as well pack his bags, because there is no way he is emotionally mature enough to handle this situation. If he was a good starter in the NFL things would be different. He has one of the worst QB ratings in the league, and now has to compete with someone whose QB rating is worse than his. Mark has the tools to improve, but his offensive coordinator has held his hand for his entire career. It’s comedic gold, if only Hard Knocks was covering the Jets this summer. I would pay to see Rex curse and holler in front of Tebow. The whole dynamic is interesting to me, how many backup quarterbacks get the team’s private jet? I sense a dangerous situation. The Jets fans were going crazy today on the radio, some even renounced their fandom. Tebowmania in New York should be epic!

   What a week it has been, it doesn’t look like Atlanta will be making much more noise in free agency, so I shall begin to hone in to the 2012 NFL Draft. As always you can tweet me your comments @ColossalChicken or post below.