The Friday Blitz: Falcons Free Agency a Reason to Panic?

  Is our team better today than it was yesterday?

Call me crazy, but I’m on the verge of hitting the panic button. 3 days have gone by without anything of note for our Falcons. I applaud the resigning of Harry Douglas, but the impending loss of Abe and Lofton is too much for this fan to take. Our defense was mediocre
last season with these guys on the squad, what do you really expect to occur in the fall? Lets cut the crap and be honest.

Do you honestly see Kroy Biermann emerging to get 12 sacks? Who is going to be the pressure man on this defense? Ray Edwards? For those who don’t know, he recently went through another microscopic procedure on his knee. I can only assume the same production will follow (3.5 sacks in 2011).

Without an elite pass rusher this defense will not thrive. Our corners are the same core group that we have seen the last couple of years. I highly doubt a change in coordinators will institute a ball hawking defense. I expect Nolan’s defense to make strides, but i also expected some changes. I was really expecting Atlanta to make a splash in free agency on defense. I write this today as a worried fan. This is without doubt premature, but feelings are feelings. As a fan I expect the ownership to field the best product each season and you should too.

Obviously, things can change at any moment. I trust the front office to make the right moves, but so far I’m seeing the elite talent fly off the board. The Falcons need to make some moves here in the next few days to secure some fatal flaws. If they are unable to do so then I will lose faith in Thomas Dimitroff and company. The goal everyday is to ask, “Is our team better today than it was yesterday?” If your answer is no then you have a major problem on your hands. The NFC South is getting better and better and we cannot afford to fall behind. The Bucs discovered that you can actually spend the money in your teams account. Manchester United looks to be taking a back seat this fall.

Roddy White tweeted Wednesday that we have no money. Really? First, I doubt Roddy knows anything about the front office. Secondly, I’m sure after seeing Pierre Garcon’s deal he isn’t a happy camper. Finally, the Cowboys and Redskins are taking huge cap hits and still can afford to sign players. The Falcons can move and restructure contracts if desired, but it would probably help to have a free agent actually visit first. Atlanta’s “let’s wait and see approach” may have backfired in their face. I’m aware that we cannot afford to overpay players, but lets face it folks the new cap system is owner led collusion. Everything the NFLPA accused the NFL of last year is beginning to show merit. I don’t like it and that isn’t going to change.

The Falcons need to seriously address the left tackle position. My guy would be Marcus McNeil, a former pro bowler
who is a major upgrade over Sam Baker. Honestly, I would imagine Baker will be cut if Atlanta chooses to make multiple moves. He tried guard last year but was unable to get any push; I believe the time has come to admit TD screwed the pooch on this one. I also see Atlanta attempting to resign John Abraham now or maybe TD finds a creative way to trade Indy for Dwight Freeney. (Doubtful but
intriguing) I just cannot see this team breaking through without a better pass rush. Time will tell, but I know this is going to be a long weekend for a lot of us. I hate to see us lose franchise players with no viable replacement. Mario Williams took the money and ran, he made his choice for money over championships. It is interesting, nobody gave Buffalo a chance, and yet he is a Bill. It was noted that he had no talks with any other team, I just want him to be honest, don’t say you want to win a championship, just admit you wanted the money. There is nothing wrong with that, these guys should make as much money as they can. Mario is a high character guy and I believe everyone was taken surprised by this move. I think Atlanta will now focus on bringing back Abe. We need him, the Mario race was fun while the media hyped it up, but it is time for reality.

There is my free agency rant of the week! I know that I feel much better after writing this so feel free to join in below. Go on and let of some steam. Or better yet, Atlanta please go sign some free agents so I can step off the ledge. Eitherway, I will be following this all weekend via twitter @ColossalChicken and on the blog.