The Friday Blitz: Mock Draft 3 & Hard Knocks


It has been an intriguing last few days for the Atlanta Falcons, as everyone might have heard by now Atlanta has been offered to be the team followed on HBO’s Hard Knocks. After much consideration, I have finally come around to liking this idea…

This will put a spotlight on a team that nobody (even the fan base) knows much about. Sure, we know the players but the Atlanta Falcons are not a media frenzy team, I would love to see the inner workings of this franchise. This team is not at risk at getting unfocused, but I fully understand the negative connotations that come with being on this show. That said I understand Mr. Blank wants to expand the franchise, and what better way than to be on the best sports show during the summer. My say: Do it!

This week, I bring forth another draft scenario. Here is how I see the dominoes falling if Atlanta selects a corner in the second round.

Second Round: Jayron Hosley DB Virginia Tech- Jayron is a corner with a tremendous upside. I think he will be a elite corner in the NFL due to his cover and ball skills. Atlanta can plug him into the nickel as a rookie, and have him learn alongside Dunta and Brent.

Third Round: Orson Charles TE Georgia- All signs point towards Charles falling into the third round. Everyone knows what Orson can do in the state of Georgia. The Mizzou TE Egnew is a possibility here as well.

Fifth Round: Terrance Ganaway RB Baylor- It is a wise assumption to believe Atlanta will take another running back this year. If they don’t than all signs point to JaQuizz being a staple point for years to come.

Sixth Round: Andrew Datko OT FSU- Datko would come into camp and compete immediately for a backup role, and maybe light a fire under Sam Baker’s behind…

Seventh Round: Tyron Crawford DE Boise St – Late in the draft it is all about depth, with Crawford you find a guy very similar to Kroy Biermann in potential.

Seventh Round: D’Anton Lynn FS Penn State- Another need for Atlanta is depth at safety, and with this selection Atlanta would bring a guy into camp with potential to make the roster. I can’t see a better fit here.

So another mock scenario is down… one to go. As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts below or via twitter @ColossalChicken.