Thomas Dimitroff Speaks on Falcons Inactivity in Free Agency

DimitroffIn Dimitroff We Trust?

Matt Smith and Bucky Brooks of the NFL Draft Tracker Podcast on had Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff on to talk about free agency. TD said that he was interested to see how the free agent market panned out and that it has turned out (so far) as he expected. He said that because they do not have a first or fourth round picks it means that free agency will be important to them but that doesn’t mean that they have to be aggressive at the beginning of the signing period.

Not a ton of insight but the biggest thing I took away is that the Falcons will be adding players in this free agency period but it’s not going to come as soon as the fans want it. Keep your eyes and ears peeled over the next couple of weeks (yes, I said weeks) to see what the Falcons do in free agency.

One interesting comment that TD said was to expect some of the younger GMs to make agressive moves because ownership expects turnaround in two years instead of the 7-10 years that they might have been given in the past.

Click on the link to head over to and listen to the podcast yourself.

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