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To be an Atlanta Falcons fan is to know defeat, to know struggle and to know pain. The Falcons debuted as an NFL franchise in 1966 and it took us 44 years to reach back-to-back winning seasons in 2009. After 46 years as a franchise, the Falcons have gone to the playoffs 11 times reaching the Super Bowl just once.

With the pain there have been great moments, great players and great memories. Names like Nobis, Humphrey, Bartkowski, Andrews and Riggs, echo all the way from the empty lot that once was home to Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, into the Falcons current home in the Georgia Dome.  Now the likes of modern day legends Abraham, Ryan, Turner and White have made their mark with the Falcons and with the promise to take this franchise to new heights.

The Falcons are currently at the highest point in franchise history. For the first time ever, the team has had four consecutive winning seasons and behind the braintrust of Mike Smith and Thomas Dimetroff they are fighting to get over the hump. The Grits Blitz Blog is about living through this era (and re-living our history) of Falcons football with you. We are a group of life-long Atlanta Falcons fans who grew up watching the team and live and die with the team just as you do. We are a mix of young and old and our goal is to bring you an interactive community that is full of opinions and passion for the team that you follow. To know more about us..check out our about page.

For those who have been around the block with the Falcons, you know the origin of our blog name.  For you younger fans, the Falcons once had a fierce defense called the Grits Blitz. The Grits Blitz was known as a swarming, working man’s defense without a lot of star power, but with a will and determination of pure iron.

Like the defense did back in the 70s, this blog is here to engage and interact with our readers. Let us know what you would like to see on our blog by e-mailing us at gritsblitzblog at gmail.com or sign up for our Livefyre commenting system and let us know in the comments section.

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