Grits Blitz Update

If you frequent this website, you have probably noticed that it isn't as active as it has been for the last year and a half. In February of 2012, I partnered with a few other Falcons fans to start this website. I was born and raised in and around the city of Atlanta and have lived in Georgia my entire life and have also been a Falcons fan my entire life. My earliest Falcons memories were of Steve Bartkowski, Leeman Bennett (would you believe I dressed up as him for Halloween in my youth?) and Billy White Shoes Johnson.

I also founded and write for College Football Zealots (in 2010) and it was my hope to start this site and take more of an editorial role while also providing an article or two each week. As it turns out our writing group that we started out with did really well because a lot of them moved on to bigger opportunities but that left me shouldering more of the workload. 

Unfortunately, with my "real job", family, my college football site as well as also writing for Crystal Ball Run I regretfully announce that this site will cease to exist. I want to personally thank everybody who visited the website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (or even if you just visited once). I would also like to thank all of the writers who devoted their time to making the website a success in such a short time.

If you like college football, feel free to follow me on Twitter over @CFBZ or visit my college site College Football Zealots, but I'm doing the most writing right now for Crystal Ball Run. As for Falcons sites, I recommend the Falcoholic (which you are probably already reading) as well as

I would also like to thank everybody who has contributed to the site since it's inception. Here is where you can find their work going forward….

Writer Twitter Account Where you can read them
Matt @FalconsM5 The Falcoholic
Mike @MikeByers91 Cover32
Zach @GBBZach
Eric @GentlemanMashr  
Michael @GaSportsCraze

Again, thank you for your support and let's keep faith with the Falcons. The NFL is a fickle beast and the birds should be back in the playoffs next season. Don't let one bad season ruin your fandom.

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