Catching Up On Some Falcons News

It's the dog days of the off-season and we've missed some Falcons news that is worth talking about but maybe not worth three or four separate articles. Let's catch up on some Falcons news together…..

Levine Toilolo Signs

Thomas Dimitiroff's off-season strategy has worked. He drafted guys with difficult names so that bloggers and beat writers had to pause several times during each article to make sure that they spelled the new players name correctly. Mission accomplished. The Falcons have also signed their large fourth round pick, Stanford's Levine Toilolo, which leaves only Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford and Sean Renfree as the un-signed among the draft class. Might have to wait until after the start of June for the first two as the cap opens up. It's good that the Falcons are getting the class signed. It's easier with the new rookie contract rules but still important to have these guys in camp and not having them worry about their deals.


Falcons Receive Additional Funding for New Stadium

It was announced earlier this week that the Falcons are going to receive $200 Million in funding from the NFL to go with the $200 Million from the city of Atlanta. The AJC says the money is a combination of a loan and a grant and will mostly be repaid by the league's portion of revenue sharing provided by the new stadium. Sounds good and that's why speculation says that this will help keep the cost of PSLs down, which we keep hearing about. 


Michael Crabtree Injured

Not really Falcons news, but as one of the projected favorites in the NFC the 49ers are a team that we will be keeping an eye on this season. Crabtree has apparently torn his Achilles during team OTAs and will miss the 2013 season. Crabtree had more than twice as many receptions as the 49ers next closest receiver and his loss could be a significant setback for the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick. He also had more than triple the TDs than the next wide receiver on the roster. If there is a silver lining for the 49ers it's that the injury has come this far from season so it will give Jim Harbaugh more of a chance to compensate for Crabtree's loss.


Falcons Fans Set Record

Sports fans in Atlanta catch a lot of flack from the "National Media" but Falcons fans are looking to set themselves apart from the pack. It was just announced that the Falcons have sold more season tickets for the 2013 season then they ever have before. Over 90% of season ticket holders renewed their tickets and, they couldn't be biased (right?), says that the Falcons are "on pace to head into 2013 with more new season ticket holders than any team in the NFL." They also said that they expect season tickets to sell out by July 4th. Great job Falcons fans! I think the fans feel there is something special about the upcoming season and I also think they have those PSLs and new stadium ticket prices in the back of their mind. Get in now and witness something special before it could possible get too expensive to take your kids to the games.

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