Defensive touchdown sparks Falcons

Earlier this month, we took a look at one of the Falcons big issues which was the defense not creating turnovers. Against the Bucs, the Falcons rectified this on their first defensive drive.

Photo: AtlantaFalcons.com

The Falcons forced Tampa into an early 3rd and 10 and then played aggressively by putting nine guys into the box. The Falcons rushed seven players, leaving four (three corners and Joplo Bartu) back in coverage. The Bucs did not make an adjustment and only kept six blockers in on the play as their TE ran a route. 

With more players rushing than the Bucs had blockers, William Moore came in untouched and quickly got to the quarterback. That by itself wouldn't have caused the turnover, but Moore also forced the QB to the outside where Jonathan Massaquoi had pushed his guy up the field and he was able to get a hand in on the QB and knock the ball free. 

Thomas DeCoud was also blitzing on the play and he was able to see what was happening and opportunistically grab the ball and take off for the end zone. This was a big play by the Falcons and it really helped set the momentum for the game with so many offensive players out with injury. 

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