Down on Dominique Davis?

Chase Stuart of Football Perspective took a look at all of the back-up QBs in the league. He put them into four categories: "Veterans (30+)", "QBs of the Future", "Retreads" and "What are they thinking?". Guess where he put Davis?

Yep, he's listed in "What are the thinking?" with Tyrod Taylor, Colt McCoy, Charlie Whitehurst, Austin Davis, Graham Harrell, Chase Daniel, Luke McCown and Josh McCown.

Here's what he has to say about Davis…

This is where things get really ugly. Matt Ryan has been durable throughout his career, although he suffered a shoulder injury at the end of the NFC Championship Game. This is even more egregious than the situation in San Francisco (although I’ll grant that Ryan seems like less of an injury risk): Tony Gonzalez didn’t come back to play with Davis, and Atlanta is walking the tightrope without a net at quarterback. Davis did set a record for consecutive completions in college, but it came against Navy.

How do you feel about Davis as the Falcons back-up QB?

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