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Dunta Robinson May Be Cut? Is it Grime-Time?

ESPN's Pat Yasinskas clarified one of the more pressing questions many have asked this offseason: What is the deal with Dunta Robinson's contract? Just over three years ago Dunta Robinson signed a six-year deal for $54 million with just under $23 million guaranteed.  Dimitroff was smitten with Dunta's ridiculous physical ability, hard-hitting style and his potential after finally getting to full strength after a bad knee injury.

That hasn't worked out too well, with Robinson failing to improve his mediocre coverage abilities and absolute lack of ball skills. ESPN found out if Dunta can be cut this year and I wonder if we can swap him out for Optimus Grimes, after the jump.

As a good GM does, Dimitroff built years where a player must either perform very well or be at risk of being cut. The team is protected from a player who doesn't play up to their contract while the player has incentive to live up to the contract, or else the team can free themself of the player. Per ESPN:

Robinson currently is scheduled to count $9 million against the 2013 salary cap. But the Falcons could free up $6 million in cap space if they waive him before a portion of his base salary becomes guaranteed.

So… that thing I was talking about was in there. 2013 is that year. Robinson would need a massive improvement to be worth $9 million this year. Can Atlanta use that money and cap space for a younger an/or better player that can perform in coverage? How about someone we are all very familiar with? The NFL's website suggests a player very popular with Falcons fans.

If the Falcons can get Grimes under contract, they could feel better about letting Robinson go.

I am with this suggestion. I loved watching Grimes in coverage since his first NFL game in 2007 when he played sticky coverage in a surprisingly pass-heavy game against the Arizona Cardinals. He has done nothing but improve into one of the better corners in the league, only to tear his ACL week 1 of this season.  

Brent will become a free agent and most likely struggle to receive the big money contract he was hoping for. Perhaps his best bet is to sign a one-year deal with his home team to show he is healthy and still able to play at a top level. Grimes is both one year younger and a better player than Robinson.

Finally tagged with a great nickel in Robert McClain and a very competent Asante Samuel, Brent Grimes could come back to his best supporting staff. Atlanta could even save some cap space bringing him in.