Falcons Fans Sound Off On Robert Alford Pick

With the 60th pick of the NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons surprised many when they chose their second cornerback of the draft and made Robert Alford SE Louisiana's first ever player to be drafted. Many expected the Falcons to go DE or LB at this spot in the draft as many pass rushers were still available. Cornelius Washington, DaMontre Moore, Corey Lemonier and Alex Okafor were some of the names available. It took 21 picks, after Alford was taken, until a defensive end, Damontre Moore, was drafted.

There definitely seems to be some backlash with this pick and I think it's mainly because fans are wanting the pass rush addressed. Maybe Dimitroff has somebody out there in free agency that he thinks he can get on the cheap, maybe he will trade back into the third round or maybe he thinks he can get somebody with one of our fourth round picks that can contribute. Clearly this is a good value pick based on the run on CBs and lack of run on the available pass rushers that were available when the Falcons picked. 

Here is what some fans were saying about the pick just moments after it happened.

Some were disappointed we didn't draft other players….

Emotions ran the gamut…

some liked it for depth and for some abilities that he might bring other than just at CB

This is going to be a pick that will be in question until we see Alford on the field or the rest of the draft unfolds.

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