Falcons Free Agent Decision: Luke McCown

Over the next couple of week we will be taking a look at the Atlanta Falcons unrestricted free agents and making the decision if we would sign them back or not. A lot of times it's not as easy as it looks as some decisions have more than just roster spot implications. We also have to think about the salary cap as it is expected to increased by just $200,000 this season. 

We start off with the most important position on the field: quarterback. Lucky for the Falcons, Matt Ryan is an iron man. Last year, Matt Ryan was the only Falcons player to throw a pass and was injury free until the last drive of the season. The year before, Ryan threw every past except 28. Ryan is very durable and it helps the Falcons out when making a decision on bringing back their back-up or not.

Last season, the Falcons made a somewhat surprising move in dumping both their back-up QB and their third stringer as Chris Redman and John Parker Wilson went bye bye. Dirk Koetter brought in Luke McCown and he held the clipboard for the entire year as Dominique Davis looked over his shoulder. Last year Luke McCown made $825,000. 

We asked our twitter followers if we should re-sign McCown and here is what they said:

Sounds like the Falcons fanbase is ready to give Dominique Davis a chance to hold the clipboard. Is that a good idea? I like the idea mainly because of the durability of Matt Ryan and the fact that Davis has now had an entire year in the Falcons system and is much more ready to be an NFL back-up this year than he was last year. Davis is also on a three year, $1.44 million contract and made $480,000 in 2012 so he's a lot cheaper than McCown. Quarterback isn't really a spot you want to save money but If I can save three or four hundred thousand by going with a cheaper third string quarterback (versus McCown's salary) and I can promote Davis to second string then it makes sense to me. 

Verdict: Let  McCown walk. Not due to his performance but due to Davis being ready to take his spot and saving a little on the back-end in terms of salary

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