Falcons Links and News for July 21st

It's the weekend so pop open a beer and let's take a lap around the internet and see what's going on in the world wide Falcons web….

SI Previews the NFL South

What does Sports Illustrated think of the Falcons and the NFC South? They think the Falcons got better at RB and they got worse on the offensive line. They don't spell it out as it's more of a "primer" than a "preview" but they feel that the Falcons are the best team in the South but that it won't be as easy as it was last year for them. Sounds about right.


Falcons on the Bubble

Friend of the Blog, Scott Carasik, takes a look at players on the bubble for the 53 man roster. Positives? Scott knows his stuff. Negatives? It's a slideshow. Can't say that I disagree with anyone on the list, you will have to click over to see the full thing, but the one guy on the list that I hope really pushes during camp is Cliff Matthews. The DE spot is still wide open for the Falcons but there will be a lot of competition there.


Gonzo says Offensive Line is a Question-Mark

I don't think Tony is saying anything that we aren't thinking. If you are looking for a weakspot on offense then it has to be the Oline. He says he thinks Peter Konz will fit nicely at center and calls out Mike Johnson as someone who is ready to step up. Can Johnson take that next step this season?


NFL.com ranks the top receiving corps

Looks like they are counting the TE position so that make the Falcons #1! Yeah, us! From 1-4 it's a pretty damn good corps: Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez and Harry Douglas. Depth is an issue but you can't argue against those guys. I wonder if anybody else can step up behind Tony and/or at receiver and if there will be enough footballs for them catch.

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