Falcons Sign Defensive Messiah and Some QB

It appears that Thomas Dimitroff finally got that shipment of pens this morning because he made two signings before I even had lunch.  Yes, after much hullabaloo, Atlanta signed a guy tasked with helping lock down our consistently inconsistent secondary.

Trufant and Dimitroff

Trufant (left) and Dimitroff (right), in case that wasn't clear.

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Huzzah!  No long holdout while Trufant misses important time.  Smart money is he starts the season across from Asante Samuel.

Oh.  And we signed someone who will hopefully never see the field.

There was significantly less hullabaloo surrounding our 7th round quarterback not being signed yet.  He is a good bet to be snuck onto the practice squad at some point.

Update: Trufant signed for $8.16 million over four years, with $4.31 guaranteed, per text message received by D. Orlando Ledbetter… so, take it with a grain of salt.