Falcons Trade Up for TCU DE Stansly Maponga

As widely reported Thomas Dimitroff wheeled and dealed in the draft, trading up multiple times. However, the trades were for eight spots in the 1st round and ten spots in the 5th round. He maintains his strong history of selecting players who have ridiculously difficult to spell names by moving up to take Stansly Maponga, defensive end from TCU.

Maponga showing his pass rush.

I think Dimitroff tends to select players with higher floors and perhaps lower ceilings, or usually very few raw projects. We now have two very rare prospects in a row, first with Levine Toilolo and now with Stansly Maponga. Maybe Atlanta is finally at the point where they have time to develop players, or at least coaches with a better history of developing players than our old coordinators.

Maponga has my preferred measurements (shorter, lighter with long arms): 6'2", 256lbs and over 34" arms. He had a rough junior season after a great sophomore season before deciding to forgo his senior season, almost exactly like former late round selection Jonathan Massaquoi.

Maponga is inconsistent but has shown he has the physical ability to be a quality pass rusher. Despite his smaller size he has done well against the run but he will need coaching and time.  

How do you like the selection of another defensive end in the draft?