Trufant and Taylor Provide Fit for Falcons in Draft

The Falcons have brought Osi into the fold, and it's being reported that Brent Grimes is gone. That leaves the Falcons with a gaping hole at CB as they only have half of their unit from last year. Right now the Falcons only have three CBs on the roster and only one in Asante Samuel who is a sure-fire starter, and he has dealt with injuries. Needless to say Atlanta needs to grab a CB in the early rounds and so far they are looking to do that. They’ve brought Desmond Trufant and Johnthan Banks in for visits among other first or second round defensive back prospects.

Among the CBs that could be available for Atlanta at pick 30 there are two players who standout to me as potentially great players at the next level. Those two players are Jamar Taylor of Boise State and Desmond Trufant of Washington. Both players have very different skill sets but could fit multiple schemes. Taylor is a physical CB who could thrive in both a press-man and off man scheme. Trufant is an athletic corner who could thrive in an off-man or zone scheme in terms of coverage.

I’ll start with Jamar Taylor who I have graded out as my best CB in the 2013 Draft. Taylor brings a diverse skill-set. He’s at his best when he is allowed to press receivers and play physically. However, he also is also quick and fluid enough to play in a zone scheme. Taylor shows the ability to track the ball in the air and also gets physical to contest at the catch point. Taylor isn’t as athletic as Trufant but he is still a very good athlete. If I had to compare him to a current NFL player I would say he reminds me of Champ Bailey, but he doesn’t have the overall athleticism or instincts that Bailey had.

Desmond is a much more gifted athlete than his two brothers Marcus and Isaiah. Desmond shows super quick feet and excellent recovery speed. However, his technique is sloppy due to these things as he often relies on recovery speed to make up for his lack of technique. Trufant would work very well in a zone scheme in coverage as he is great in space, but I have questions about his run defense. Trufant’s big selling point is his potential, he is a tremendous athlete who plays hard and if his technique is corrected the sky could be the limit for him as a player.

Both players can fit the Falcons defense and both are high character guys with both being team captains in 2012. Taylor was suspended for one game his sophomore year, but was described as a hard worker at BSU. Trufant has no incidents from what I could find and was seen as a leader in the locker-room. I would think Taylor would be a top option for Atlanta due to his scheme diversity and physicality. However, Trufant has the explosive athleticism and leadership skills Thomas Dimitroff values highly. Either way Atlanta would end up with a very good CB if they selected either one.