Friday Blitz: 10 Things I Want to See Sunday

Ah, football is back. This Sunday, Matty Ice takes on Drew Brees and his bountygate friends. The Falcons are the team to beat this season in the NFC South, and the road to the SuperBowl starts Sunday.

Here is my list of 10 things I want to see Sunday…..

  1. Matt Ryan picking up where he left off in January.
  2. Roddy White on the field to continue his streak.
  3. Osi living in the Saints backfield.
  4. 125 yards rushing from Steven Jackson.
  5. Limit Brees to less than 350 yards passing.
  6. I want to see the offensive line become a well-oiled machine.
  7. Sean Weatherspoon better have packed his best spoon, I expect Spoon to make a lot of plays Sunday.
  8. Tony G living in the red zone for one final trip to NOLA.
  9. Chants of JULIOOOO! Silencing the sAINTs.
  10. Arthur Blank on the sideline, because we know what that means…

As always, send me your lists of what you want to see below or on Twitter @MikeByers91. RISE UP!