Is Dwight Freeney a fit for Falcons?

Dwight Freeney had a disappointing season in 2012 with the Indianapolis Colts. Freeney had just 5 sacks and 12 tackles in 14 games last season but was hampered by an ankle injury that lingered during the season. He also didn't seem to be a good fit with the 3-4 defense that the Colts made the switch to in 2012. Even with a poor 2012, Freeney has averaged eight sacks per season over the last three.

The biggest question is what is motivating Freeney. Is he looking to get on with a Championship contender or is he looking to bankroll his retirement? If he's looking for a Championship run it's possible the Falcons could get themselves a third down pass rushing option to put opposite John Abraham. Freeney would be a nice stop gap if he can be had for the right amount of money and would be a nice insurance policy if Abraham's late season injuries pop up again.

The market for pass rushing defensive ends isn't going to be great this season with the expectation of the best ones getting franchised. The Falcons options will also be limited to affordable defensive ends due to their cap situation. My take? Make the call and see what is motivating Freeney. If he's affordable then he's probably our best option to immediately improve the pass rush.

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