More Cuts: A Falcons Roster Analysis

We are at the point of the season where I am ridiculously excited for the real action to start but also feel for those who are not making it to the final 53.  The roster has been massaged down to 62 players and we are waiting for the Turk to bump out nine remaining players.  


I'm sure you heard about this one.  Best of luck to you, Brian Banks.

After the jump we discuss what the current list means for those who are gone and those who are still here.

Brian Banks. Banks is certainly the most famous player cut, with his signing even making it on the prestigious Grits Blitz blog. Sadly, the years he spent in prison made him the ultimate project. The 28 year-old was plugged in to the middle linebacker spot pretty late in preseason games and was usually subbed out in clear passing situations. He may be a long shot for the practice squad as well, as his age and position is short on the upside you would hope for on the practice squad. There have been reports Arthur Blank wants to give Banks a job off the field in Atlanta, so perhaps not all is lost. Everyone at Grits Blitz wishes Banks the best where ever he lands.

What this means for Atlanta. Along with fellow linebacker Pat Schiller, Atlanta has pulled in plenty of solid talent this offseason in UDFAs Paul Worrilow and Joplo Bartu. It was pretty clear Atlanta hit on two guys who provide great depth and should get plenty of play time on special teams and likely reps on our starting defense.  

Sean Renfree. Renfree, along with tight end Andrew Szczerba, were placed on injured reserve. QB Renfree was our 7th round selection in the draft this year. You could tell he was not quite ready to be a backup quarterback this year.

What this means for Atlanta. Both players will be stashed away on injured reserve. Their respective injuries are unclear but it is common for teams to stash away players they like who would not play that year onto injured reserve with minor or non-season ending injuries. Renfree should have a better shot next year after spending a year with the team.

Charles Mitchell. Mitchell was Atlanta's 6th round pick last year and played in spot duty and special teams through about 10 games last year. His fate was likely sealed when Atlanta decided to draft Zeke Motta and Kemal Ishmael back-to-back in the 7th round this year.

What this means for Atlanta. Thomas Dimitroff may be a bit quicker to get rid of players he drafted that just aren't cutting it. I tend to think Atlanta, like most teams, hold on to their drafted guys longer than they should, often letting a better but undrafted player go. This was a quick turn around for a drafted guy who played last year. It should also mean Atlanta likes either Motta and/or Ishmael.

Peyton Thompson. This corner was on our practice squad last year and had plenty of playing time in preseason. Thompson needed to really fight for a spot because Atlanta was going to keep Asante Samuel, Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford and Robert McClain, with Dominique Franks likely sticking around to disappoint fans for another year. Same goes for Terrence Johnson, a bottom-of-the-roster guy who became expendable.

What this means for Atlanta. Dimitroff doesn't want to keep around bad corner backs. Thompson was baaaaaaaaaaad in preseason and Atlanta has more than enough young depth at the position.

Everyone else.  This includes Theo Goins, Neal Huynh, former practice squad DT Micanor Regis, Alec Savoie, Jeremy Shelley and Ronnie Wingo. These guys were outperformed by other fringe players. We may see one or two signed to the practice squad.

What this means for Atlanta.  We needed to cut some camp bodies or else we would have run out of players by the 3rd quarter in the last preseason game.  Other than that, it means we are not desperate at these positions.

Why do we still have cuts to be made? Let me toss on my General Manager hat for a minute. Atlanta is likely still in discussion over who should stay and who should go. I think it would be safe to assume Dimitroff wants to see who else gets cut in case there are a few players he has his eye on.  

It would be far from preferable to, for instance, cut an offensive lineman for a roster spot for a safety only to have a better safety get cut elsewhere. In that time you may lose that offensive lineman to another team.  

Stay tuned to the Grits Blitz blog for more information on cuts.


Here is the last round of cuts (at least for know) from the Falcons. Roster moves can, and will, still be made and the practice squad will start coming together as early as tomorrow….