Roddy White sounds off on Falcons poor start

On Friday, Roddy White went on "Game Time" on 92.9 the Game with Carl Dukes and Kordell Stewart. Like you'd expect from Roddy, he spoke from his heart and had some interesting comments. Unfortunately, it appears that the 92.9 website is a bit archaic and has no audio of this conversation. Luckily, D Led was listening and posted some excerpts. Here's what I found the most interesting….

Roddy wishes that he would have sat for a couple of games at the beginning of the season.

Hindsight is 20/20 isn't it? Roddy is a gamer and his first thought is to be on the field for his team but looking back on it, it would have made a lot of sense to sit Roddy early and have him healthy now. Of course, we didn't know Julio was going to get hurt but if you knew you would lose those games anyway you would sit him in a heartbeat now.


Roddy says the team doesn't have an identity

I agree that we don't have a positive identity right now but I do think we have an identity as a team that comes up just a tad bit short and hasn't been able to finish the drill in 2013. 


Roddy says Mike Smith has not lost the team

It's good to hear that Roddy backs his coach and has strong positive words to say about him. Smith has been very good for Atlanta since coming here and he should absolutely get the shot to pull the Falcons out of these dulldrums. 

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